E-Newsletter Design

Custom Newsletter Templates for Businesses.

If Email Marketer’s free newsletter templates don’t fit your existing image or message, we can create a custom email newsletter design unique to your business.

Your template can be created to match the look and branding of any established design, website or other promotional material. As online marketing and graphic design specialists, we can also help you create a new brand image or concept from scratch.



A custom email newsletter design can help your campaign:

  • promote brand consistency throughout your email marketing,
  • build brand awareness & consumer confidence
  • increase readership with a visually pleasing layout
  • match the look & feel of your website – so when they click through they know they’re at the right place.
  • look right every time in your contact’s inbox.



Custom Email Template creation includes:

  • Professional email newsletter designs
  • Customised email content areas for you to easily add the information you want to your campaign.
  • Testing to ensure your template will display right every time in all popular email clients.
  • Creation of subscription, unsubscribe, modify details and send to a friend forms using same design theme.
  • Multiple versions of your email newsletter design can be created to suit different desired layouts
  • Installation of your new custom template into EmailMarketer for your use only.



Custom Template and Email Newsletter Design options include:

  • Integrating an existing email marketing newsletter template into our Email Marketing Software.
  • Customising one of Email Marketer’s built-in templates to suit you.
  • Creating a completely new template to suit your branding.
  • Creating a new design based on your own ideas or requirements.


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