Triggered Emails

Trigger Emails are a perfect example of how EmailMarketer can become your own automated personal assistant 24 hours 7 Days a week.

What is a trigger email?

A trigger in email marketing is setting an email, series of emails or event to send or fire on a particular date, event or specified criteria.






With EmailMarketer you can use triggers in a variety of ways.








You can fire a trigger email based on:

  • a contact’s date field (eg. Birthday, Anniversary)
  • a specific date (eg. for Christmas, Mothers Day etc.)
  • a link being clicked in a specified email campaign
  • another email campaign being opened.

The trigger can:

  • send another email campaign
  • add the contact to another contact list
  • remove the contact from one list and move them to another.

You can track the performance of your trigger emails through the integrated Trigger campaign statistics.

Some examples of how Triggers can be used:

  • Recurring Personalised Greetings: You can use triggers to send personalised messages on occasions such as birthday’s, anniversaries, Christmas etc.
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell: You can create effective cross-sell and up-sell email campaigns using trigger-based actions.
  • Automate Delivery of Information: For example you might have ‘click here to receive our latest catalogue’ and when this link is clicked the trigger will automatically send another email campaign with your latest catalogue attached.
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