Statistics and Reporting

Measure Your Results with Email Campaign Analytics

EmailMarketer allows you to effectively track the success of your
email campaigns through integrated reporting.


For each email campaign you send, or automated campaign, you can view reports on:

  • exactly how many people opened their email
  • which links they clicked on within your emal
  • email forwarding statistics – view information on how many of your subscribers forwarded on the email to people they know.
  • how many people unsubscribed
  • how many messages bounced

There are also comprehensive statistics for

EmailMarketer also has Google Analytics Integration to further track your results



These reports will provide you with valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your email campaigns and highlight aspects of your campaign that work and those that need improvement, helping you become a better email marketer and increase your ROI.For instance, if the report showed you that a low percentage of subscribers opened your email – then you would need to improve your subject line and take steps to ensure that your newsletter is not getting marked as spam by your subscribers anti-spam software.If you use your email campaigns to display advertising – reports on the links in your campaigns that have been clicked on can provide valuable feedback to your advertisers.
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