Bulk Email Marketing Software

Send 1000 emails in less than a minute!
Take the hard work out of your campaign with Email Marketer.
Email Marketer is built to be fast and robust. It can automatically and reliably send hundreds of thousands of emails without crashing or duplicate sending. This affordable, easy-to-learn bulk email marketing software has been rigourously tested to send an average of 1000 emails per minute.

Duplicate Emails, Ever!

Email Marketer brings control and finesse to bulk email marketing. The software will automatically keep your list clean, ensuring there is never a duplicate email address, so you never have to worry about your contacts being flooded with unwanted duplicates.

Scheduling Send

Send your bulk email marketing campaign immediately, or schedule it to be sent at a later, more practical time.

Send to Multiple Lists at Once

Send your email campaign to as many of your contact lists as you need. Duplicate emails (contacts subscribed to more than 1 list) are removed automatically before sending.

Targeted Group/ Filtered Sending

Use the email filtering options to send your email campaign to subscribers matching certain criteria – eg. Male or Female. Single out subscribers using email address filtering and send your campaign to a single or selected group of subscribers.

Pause & Resume Sending

From the “Scheduled Emails” page you can see a list of emails waiting to send and you can even pause and resume emails that have started sending.

Automatic Bounce Handling

EmailMarketer automatically clears all bounced emails keeping your lists clean, up to date and your deliverability high.

Each bounced email is marked as either a soft bounce or a hard bounce:

Soft Bounce:

The recipient’s mailbox is full, the server is down or swamped with messages, the message is too large or the user has abandoned the mailbox.
Hard Bounce:

An Invalid addresses (domain name doesn’t exist, typos, changed address, etc.) or the email recipient’s mail server has blocked your server. Servers will also interpret bounces differently, meaning a soft bounce on one server may be classified as a hard bounce on another.

Another feature you can also use is to export a list of which email addresses bounced and see both soft and hard bounce details.

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