No, you access your account via the EmailMarketer website. There is no software installation required.

No, you can use EmailMarketer without having a website however Email Marketing works great in conjuction with a website as you can use your email campaigns to drive traffic through to your site.

Yes, with EmailMarketer you can create unlimited “Custom fields” for names, addresses, dates and more. Simply visit the Custom Fields section after you log-in. There is also a video tutorial on how to set up Custom Fields. After you have set-up your custom fields you can add them to the subscription form on your website.

Yes, you can personalise your emails using Custom Fields. As explained above you can create a custom field for any type of information you want to store on your contacts. To personalise an email campaign with your contacts first name all you need to do is insert the First Name custom field into your email campaign, then once your email campaign is sent this is replaced with the individual contacts’ first name.

Yes, such automated emails are referred to as Autoresponders. With EmailMarketer you can create unlimited autoresponders that can be setup to send emails immediately after someone signs up or at a set time interval (eg. 1 hour/day/week/month/year)

Yes you can. EmailMarketer can accept subscriptions to your contact list from any website. You can even set-up as many contact lists as you like so you might want a separate contact list for each of your websites so you know where you contacts are coming from.

Yes. You have your own personal account on EmailMarketer. No other user will be able to access your information. We only access your account if we have reason to believe it is being used to distribute spam or for technical support issues.

Yes, you can import your contacts into EmailMarketer in a few very easy steps. All you need is your contacts in an Excel or CSV file. We have an easy to follow video tutorial on how to import your contacts.

Yes we offer free set-up to non-profit, education or charities. You will need to attain a coupon code by contacting us prior to signing up to receive the discount.

EmailMarketer itself cannot be customised to suit individual needs, we do offer custom designed template & web integration services. For more information on this click here.

After successful sign-up your account is set-up within the next working day.

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